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The News The Media Wanted You to Miss This Week

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Media propagandizing reached an all-time high this week with a series of major national events that received little or no coverage by the predominantly liberal U.S. press, leaving Americans who like to know what's going on in their country to rely even more heavily on the new media.

Thanks to the great work of Newsbusters (NB), a branch of Brent Bozell's media watchdog group, the Media Research Center, the following is just a partial list of all the major news that networks refused to cover this week in deference to their liberal ideology, their chosen candidate in the presidential election, or both.

Live Action Sting

Believe it or not, the major networks refused to carry the biggest story of the week - the undercover video produced by the pro-life group, Live Action - which revealed a Planned Parenthood employee agreeing to provide a patient with an abortion if she was found to be pregnant with a girl rather than the boy she wanted.

As Newsbusters' Paul Wilson reminds, when the Susan G. Komen for the Cure controversy erupted earlier this year, the three broadcast networks provided round-the-clock coverage of the "explosive anger" against Komen. But when videos showing Planned Parenthood's alleged complicity in sex-selection abortions was released by a pro-life group, the networks buried the story.

"The major networks have chosen to act as press agents for Planned Parenthood," Wilson writes, "tamping down any hint of scandal that might harm the abortion giant, and amplifying the complaints of Planned Parenthood supporters."


Even more outrageous, networks also refused to cover the vote on the Prenatal Discrimination Act (PreNDA) which would ban sex-selection abortions in the U.S., thus providing cover for more than 160 Democrats - and the President of the United States - who opposed the bill.

"The networks clearly thought of this bill just as they thought of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act -- it's a Republican stunt, and Republican stunts are not newsworthy," writes Newsbusters' Tim Graham. "Democrat stunts like claiming there's a 'war on women' are big news, though."

The Women's Vote

The mainstream media is so intent on promoting the bogus war-on-women that ABC even went so far this week as to ignore its own poll which found that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made sharp gains among women, as well as increased his favorability ratings among voters. 

"While ABC couldn't find time to report on Romney's good news, Good Morning America devoted a full report to Justin Bieber visiting Norway," reports NB's Scott Whitlock.

Poland's Death Camps

You may not have heard that President Barack Obama made a major gaffe on Tuesday when he referred to "Polish death camps" while awarding a Pole named Jan Karski the Medal of Freedom. Because these camps were run by the Nazis, not the Poles, the Polish people were horrified by the misstatement. Even Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski weighed in and asked President Obama to do more to correct the record than just say he "regrets" the mistake.  Despite the fact that this was an international incident, ABC, CBS, and NBC aired not a word about the gaffe.

However, ABC and NBC made big news out of a typo made by the Romney camp on an iPhone app that misspelled the word America as Amercia.

The reasoning behind this kind of slanted coverage needs no further explanation.

Major Democratic Defection

Artur Davis, a former four-term Congressman, Barack Obama campaign co-chair in 2008, and former member of the Congressional Black Caucus became the first African-American congressman to leave the Democratic Party to become a Republican in decades. If you never heard of Artur Davis until reading this post, then you'll have a good idea of how much press coverage this major story received. Newsbusters' Tom Blumer was shocked to find so few media outlets who even bothered to carry the story.

"Let's see if the number of stories grows to the thousands you'd expect if a former four-term Republican congressman heavily involved in the campaign of George W. Bush or John McCain chose to become a Democrat. Don't bet on it -- but if it happens, it might just be because 'somebody' shamed AP [Associated Press] and others into giving the story the coverage it deserves at the level of detail it deserves."

Catholic Church

And no list would be complete without a report on the usual anti-Catholic slant in the media. Even though the major networks barely mentioned the Church's historic lawsuit against the Obama administration's HHS mandate, they don't dare miss a single word uttered from the lips of dissenting nuns. That bias was painfully obvious this week as TV hosts such as CBS' Gayle King proclaimed how " some Catholics compare it to the dark days of the Inquisition, a crackdown on a prominent organization of nuns accused of being radical feminists."

"King and co-anchor Charlie Rose sympathized with the group of dissenting sisters during an interview of left-wing public radio host Sister Maureen Fiedler, and hinted that the Catholic hierarchy was 'out of touch'," writes NB's Matthew Balan.  "Correspondent Wyatt Andrews also overwhelmingly slanted towards the disobedient religious and their supporters during his reports on the two programs, and played only one brief soundbite from a spokeswoman for the bishops."

Balan notes another rather glaring oversight. "It should be pointed out that Fiedler made her loyalties clear back in 2002, when she attended the 'ordination' of seven women on the Danube River, all of whom were automatically excommunicated. She also never recanted signing a 1984 ad sponsored by the pro-abortion Catholics for Choice (then called Catholics for a Free Choice). As you might expect, CBS never got around to mentioning these details on the air."

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