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Testimonial: Erica S

We love sharing the inspiring stories from our Sacred Sisters of their experiences with Women of Grace. Today we're hearing from Erica S. If you would like to share your story, click here! Stay tuned for regular testimonial stories.


"It was divine timing that I came upon Johnnette (then Benkovic) Williams and Women of Grace Television programming in 2009. I was alone in my bedroom praying for a miracle to save my Son who was near death. I felt an isolation that prompted me to turn on EWTN Television for some help and consolation. Since that day, my son recovered from his threatening illness, although this illness is chronic, he is living his Christian Faith.  

Since 2009, I have been active in Women of Grace by listening to Television and Radio broadcasting, attending Benedicta Institute training and conferences, facilitating the Women of Grace Foundational Study and in 2017 I was installed as a Co-Regional Coordinator.  


To this day, the Holy Spirit has moved in signs and wonders and mighty works in numerous ways that could not be recounted here.  


Many instances have been brought through my friendships made with my now Sacred Sisters of Women of Grace. Recently, l had an answer to a prayer through a Women of Grace Sacred Sister.


On November 30th, I began praying the Christmas Anticipation Novena 15 times a day ending on Christmas Day. My intention was that God would be the center of our marriage and center in our home. Our Good, Good God answered my request in various beautiful and amazing ways through instruction for me on how to improve my affirmation of my husband’s role in our marriage which bore fruit immediately!  


Amazingly, on December 31st, I received a call from one of our Parish ministers stating I was to receive the Visiting Our Lady of Fatima Statute the next day, on New Year’s Day. I had signed up for this over a year ago and forgot that I would receive her in 2020. When I brought her home and opened the box, our home was filled with a presence that was indescribable to my husband and I. The presence brought my husband to tears! I placed the beautiful statute on our dining room table which was in the center of our home. I began to realize the depth of God’s mercy and love in answering my prayer in all its fullness and abundance.


I invited my sacred sisters, who had co-facilitated and/or participated in the Women of Grace Foundational Study, to come and pray with me before the visiting Our Lady Fatima Statute. One sister responded to the invitation. When she arrived, she greeted the Statute as “Mama” with such a sincere love and devotion that I began to cry to her witness. As we prayed, the Immaculate Conception’s Holy Spirit embraced me in a most effective way, never had I felt so embraced in her love. She was begging me to pray the Holy Rosary with more devotion and within a true and authentic relationship with her. I then realized that I had grown into a mundane sort of practice of prayer to my Blessed Mother! My Sacred Sister had a true and authentic mother and daughter relationship with our Blessed Mother and she was teaching me how to pray to my Blessed Mother!  


I embraced this teaching and to this day have an increase of Graces when praying the Rosary with greater devotion! I realized God fully answered my prayer intention that Christmas. Almighty God sent His mother into the center of our home. Through my Sacred Sister’s prayers, God sent into the center of my spiritual abode, into my heart, an increase of an authentic relationship and prayer life with my Blessed Mother Mary."

-Erica S (Co-Regional Coordinator)



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