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(Some) Women Want to Ban Term “Pregnant Woman”

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A feminist organization based in Melbourne, Australia is coming under fire for insisting that because “all genders can fall pregnant” nowadays, the term “pregnant woman” should be stricken from the world’s vocabulary.

The Daily Mail is reporting on statements made by The Equality Institute, a so-called “feminist organization” renowned for its work promoting gender equality, that because women are now permitted to pretend they’re men we should no longer use the term “pregnant woman.”

“People of all genders can fall pregnant, because people of all genders can have the reproductive organs to do so,” the tweet stated.

Therefore, people should use the term “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant women" without regard to the fact that the whole idea is based upon a specious assertion. Everybody knows that people of all genders do not have wombs. Only females are born with the biological capacity to bear children. No amount of synthetic hormones or dressing up in men’s clothes can change that.

But the Institute, which prides itself on being politically correct, believes we should all refer to others by the gender they’ve chosen to be rather than the gender that they actually are. In other words, if Mary decides she wants to be John, the compassionate thing to do is refer to Mary as John and treat her as a man even though she is no more a man than I am.

Based on this illogical reasoning, the Institute advises: “Consider all people - including trans & non-binary folk - & ensure that your language is inclusive of everyone.”

Has the world really come to this?

Apparently not. These ludicrous statements received an instant backlash on social media. As explains, thousands of negative comments ranged from outright mockery to accusations that the group is “undermining what it means to be a mother.”

“After being a labor and delivery nurse for 25 years…I’m pretty sure my wife would disagree with your opinion,” Twitter user Jamie Williamson said. “Pretty sure she’s never had anyone but a woman have a baby in the hospitals she’s worked.”

Not surprisingly, the Institute began blocking some comments and announced on Monday that it had to take these “extreme measures” in order to guard against what it claimed was an “increase in trolling” over the last week. It claimed to have taken these measures to “ensure we continue to hold a safe space for our genuine and compassionate community.”

Nonsense.They were doing what all progressives do, shut down debate by getting rid of all opposing opinion to make it look like everyone agrees with them.

Thankfully, commenters weren’t fooled. As one person stated, “This doesn’t mean much if you regard a difference of opinion as ‘trolling’.”

Another wrote: “Nothing should be ‘safe’ when people engage in meaningful discussions on important issues. You degrade the meaningfulness and importance by not allowing all viewpoints regardless of their validity. Seems The Equality Institute has issues with equity of opinions.”


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