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Should You See a Quantum Neurologist?


Our ministry was recently asked about Quantum Neurology and whether or not this is a legitimate therapy or just another version of the same-old New Age quackery.

I didn't have to look too long before realizing that this alternative fits very snugly into the latter category - it's about as New Age as it gets.

My first red flag was found when I clicked onto the website and read an interview with one of the founders of Quantum Neurology, a chiropractor named George Gonzales, who explained this therapy as a "system of muscle testing and corrections." As you'll read in this blog, muscle testing is considered to be a pseudo-science and is a favorite of New Age practitioners.

For those of you who do not know what Quantum Neurology is, it's a system that allows a practitioner to uncover hidden neurological weaknesses in the nervous system. Dr. Gonzalez claims to have developed a functional evaluation of the nervous system with traditional neurology testing principles incorporated into it.

"Similar to martial arts, the healing form is practiced in a particular sequence. This ensures proper and consistent evaluation of the entire Nervous System from patient to patient," Dr. Gonzalez writes on his website. "Each person will have a unique pattern of weaknesses that becomes evident throughout the evaluation. This allows for each person to have a unique experience, with a customized rehabilitation to complement their Nervous System and their goals."

He claims that years of employing this healing form led him to new discoveries about how the nervous system "maps out."

While this sounds good so far, here's where it goes off the rails.

"We now understand that the Nervous System is inclusive of every aspect of action and communication available to our body. It includes our physical body and our all aspects of our nonphysical body: also known as our energetic body, Bio-Energetic Field, Aura or LightBody. It includes our mind, our thoughts, our emotions and our Spiritual connection."

Let's unpack this. First of all, there is no scientific support for any of this, so I'm not sure who the "we" is in this statement.

As Yale neurologist Steven Novella, MD, explains: "Quantum Neurology displays all the features of pseudoscience – its practitioners use jargon to dress up superstitious pre-scientific beliefs, they make claims not supported by plausibility or evidence, they go through the motions of something they can present as science without any of the substance, and they surround themselves with the trappings of legitimacy...There is no research to support their claims. They cannot explain their claims in terms that are compatible with existing science. They have not conducted research capable of exploring whether or not their core claims are true, let alone their alleged clinical applications."

He refers to their scientific claims as "vacuous" and attributes whatever success it might have to riding on a magic carpet of slick marketing designed to "give the false impression of modernity to crusty pre-scientific nonsense."

Second, Bio-Energetic field is a favorite term among New Agers. Although authentic bio-energy involves the flow of veritable energy (such as electro-magnetic radiation) between organisms, when it's used by a New Ager in the same sentence as "aura" and "lightbody" it usually refers to a putative energy that allegedly pervades the universe (it doesn't).

Third, after reading this blog you'll understand what an aura is and no longer be fooled by those who want to call it some kind of mystical phenomenon.

Fourth, let's allow Dr. Gonzalez to explain in his own words what a "light body" is: "I am proposing that the emission of light from each individual cell when considered in its totality… trillions and trillions of cells generate a light force that is responsible for our bodies integration and communication within our physical frame, with the external environment and our non-physical experience. I call this phenomenon the 'LightBody'.”

If you haven't guessed it by now, this is all a bunch of hooey for which there is no scientific support - neither for the Quantum Neurology, the aura, or the Lightbody.

Although I'm sure this doctor is well-intentioned, I feel compelled to give this practice a decided thumbs down.

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