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Satanist Claims Priest Gave Him Consecrated Host

Archbishop Paul S. Coakley Archbishop Paul S. Coakley

The satanist who is being sued by the Archbishop of Oklahoma for being in possession of a consecrated Host he plans to use at a black mass next month is now claiming that he got the host from a priest from overseas.

Aleteia is reporting that Adam Daniels of the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu "church" of Satan said a member of his group, who happens to be a priest, has donated the consecrated host which will be desecrated at next month's Mass in the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

"One of my priests in a foreign country is also a Catholic priest and he is the one who consecrated it himself and mailed it to me, and I’m not going to reveal his name and I’m not going to reveal what country he’s from," Daniels told Aleteia in a phone interview yesterday.

His claims have not been verified.

Daniels went on to say that he intends to follow the ritual of a black mass closely, except that the woman who will serve as the altar will be dressed in order to abide by the law.

"The nude altar has to be dressed; there won’t be public urination," he said. "We would proceed to do the satanic consecration by forcing Jesus into the bread. At that point there will be things yelled at the bread, talking about how it’s a worthless chamberlain who doesn’t do its job and all it does is sleep, doesn’t answer any prayers and allows for its own people to be hurt, and because of it, it has killed millions of our brethren, meaning pagans and Satanists alike throughout the centuries. At that point it will be dashed to the floor, and the deacon and subdeacon will be smashing it and stomping on it."

Daniels claims he has not yet been served with the lawsuit which was filed in the Oklahoma City District Court yesterday. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City, charges Daniels with unlawful possession of a consecrated Host, which is a possession of the Church.

After citing the many ways in which the Church safeguards the Eucharist which can only be handled by authorized persons, the lawsuit states: "If an unauthorized person has possession of a consecrated host, it must have been procured, either by that person or by another, by illicit means: by theft, fraud, or wrongful taking, or other form of misappropriation."

In addition to demanding the return of the Host, the suit is also asking the Court to issue an order prohibiting Daniels from concealing, consuming, destroying, or desecrating the Host pending the hearing of this case.

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