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Pro-Lifers Receive Death Threats After Tiller Murder

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer Pro-life leaders across the country are having to acquire round-the-clock protection because of death threats, stalking incidents and other hostile actions directed toward them by abortion proponents in the wake of the recent shooting death of late-term abortionist, George Tiller. According to a report by, prominent leaders in the fight for life such as Jill Stanek and Fr. Frank Pavone have all been victimized by pro-abortion zealots in recent weeks. Jill Stanek, the Illinois nurse who exposed the practice of abandoning babies who survive abortions, said she and other leaders in the pro-life movement have been receiving credible threats from a “troubled man involved in the abortion industry.” Stanek knows the individual, who is the child of a pro-choice advocate/writer. Federal agents are currently monitoring the man’s movements. Stanek was also placed under continuous police and federal protection recently when she received e-mails from someone threatening to kill her at church or as she leaves her home. "Let me know which address is right, there's a few I could post,” the person wrote. “Or I could just drive around the houses and wait to see which one you walk out of.... Don't worry, I will find it." Stanek says her pastors have also received emails calling for her murder at church services. "The least you could do is offer to hold a rifle blessing service in her honor," the person wrote. Fr. Frank Pavone says he needs armed escorts to protect him at speaking engagements and to guard him against disruptive pro-abortion demonstrators. He says individuals from radical pro-abortion groups such as NARAL, Planned Parenthood and Catholics for Choice are often bussed in to derail his presentations. He was even interrupted at a peaceful prayer vigil when someone walked up to him and spit in his face. However, in the wake of the Tiller murder, he has received even more serious messages. “Father Frank, It would make me very happy if someone were to respond to this by snuffing YOU,” one person wrote. “No fooling. Right-to-lifers, in my book, no longer have a right to life.” At the Priests for Life blog, another anonymous writer said: "Killing Father Frank will not be murder. It will be justifiable homicide." He has received these kinds of threats before, however. For instance, in November, 2008, he received a message from someone who said: “I therefore advise you, Fr Frank, if you read that there has been another abortion-clinic shooting or bombing, get out of town immediately. Take a vacation abroad. Go visit the Vatican. If there is another act of anti-abortion terror, your life will not be safe in the USA. Good luck.” While acts of violence perpetrated against pro-lifers rarely receive coverage in the largely pro-abortion press, they have been occurring for years. Judie Brown of the American Life League says these acts of hostility toward people who defend the sanctity of life "stand in beautiful and striking contrast to both the violence inherent to the abortion mill and the street-side violence and drive-by intimidation of abortion supporters." © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®