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Planned Parenthood’s Missing Millions

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist A recently released report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) that revealed $2.3 billion in taxpayer funds going to groups that fund abortion, has inadvertently shone a light on a large cache of federal money that remains unaccounted for in Planned Parenthood records. In an article appearing in The Washington Times, Rita Diller, national director of Stop Planned Parenthood (Stopp), a project of the pro-life group, American Life League, says an audit of Planned Parenthood’s records show the organization spent just $657.1 million of taxpayer money between 2002 and 2008, yet its own annual reports say it took in $2.3 billion during the same time period. “That's not pocket change,” Diller writes. “Why the discrepancy?” The GAO report, the first of its kind since 2002, was released in response to a request from 31 U.S. senators and representatives whose consituencies are becoming more and more pro-life and against taxpayer funded abortion. “Someone, then, needs to explain to all those people why $2.3 billion in tax dollars have been doled out to an organization that admits to systematically having killed more than 1.8 million pre-born babies between 2002 and 2008 and then reports it only spent $657.1 million in federal dollars,” Diller writes. “Has Planned Parenthood managed to tuck away megamillions of our tax dollars, seemingly unnoticed? Or is that much of its government funding coming from sources other than the federal government? Or is there a problem with the way Planned Parenthood is reporting its expenditure of our federal monies?” GAO reports for prior years show that from 1997 through 2001, PPFA expenditures of federal money accounted for an average of 72 percent of its government income, Diller says, yet the new report shows PPFA expenditures of federal money making up an average of just 32 percent of its government income from 2002 through 2008. During the same time period, Planned Parenthood's abortion business has increased year after year “in lock step with its increasing government funding,” Diller writes. Even though much of the taxpayer money Planned Parenthood receives is through the Title X program, which prohibits funds from being used for abortions, it applies this money to other programs that enable it to grow its abortion business. “ . . . (E)very penny Planned Parenthood receives feeds its abortion business in one way or another,” Diller writes. “For instance, Title X money is not to be used for abortions. However, according to Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood's abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas, it is used to gain the trust of women in minority neighborhoods in order to bring them into Planned Parenthood facilities, supposedly for health care, and then persuade them to become Planned Parenthood birth-control clients. Then, when the birth control fails, the organization has a built-in minority clientele for abortion, which Ms. Johnson says is Planned Parenthood's big cash cow.” In addition, Planned Parenthood continues to build huge mega-abortion centers in minority neighborhoods throughout the country “in an attempt to polish its image and gear up for the veritable tsunami of clients that will be headed its way under President Obama's health care plan, which earmarks $11 billion for community health centers,” Diller points out. “Is there no end to the amount of our hard-earned tax dollars that will be poured down the bottomless pit known as Planned Parenthood to quench this social-engineering agency's thirst for sexualizing our children, stealing their souls and dumping the mutilated bodies of our children's children into our nation's waste bins?” Diller is calling for accountability for the money Planned Parenthood receives from taxpayers and is joining with many pro-life legislators and hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists throughout the county in calling for an immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood. © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®