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Parents Beware! Raunchy Super Bowl Ads on the Way

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist

Parents who want to enjoy Super Bowl 2010 with their children this year need to beware of sexually explicit commercials that will air during the game.

According to the media watchdog group, Morality in Media, the popular web host KnownHost is planning to run indecent ads that include lesbian strip performances during the Feb. 7 CBS broadcast of Super Bowl 2010.

“It is no secret that loves to ‘push the envelope’ when it comes to the content of its ads,” said Morality in Media president Robert Peters. “And it would appear that this year’s Super Bowl ads may push as close to the indecency line as CBS Network ‘censors’ will allow, which could be as close as CBS thinks it can get away with.”

For those parents who want to see what CBS has in store for football fans this year, they can visit the “Super Bowl 2010 – Sneak Preview” section of the website. 

“Sure looks like lesbian strip performances to me,” Peters says, but goes on to say that the content of the ads is only part of the problem.

“ also provides services to businesses that distribute over the Internet, free of charge and without proof of age, hardcore adult pornography that depicts among other things: urination . . . incest, bondage, teen sex, rape and bestiality.” could defend itself under the law by saying it’s not aware of the pornography a hosted website may be sending over the Internet, Peters says, but if the company knows that one of its hosted sites is in the hardcore pornography business and is violating Internet obscenity laws, could be charged with aiding and abetting (or facilitating) violations of the law.

“Not that any of the above would concern CBS, but it should concern NFL owners and everyone else concerned about the well being of children and the proliferation of smut on TV and the Internet.”

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