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NY Conference Indoctrinates Youth into Homosexuality

Hundreds of middle- and high-school aged children were bused into a large conference in Tarrytown New York yesterday where a long list of activist speakers presented the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyle as normal and praiseworthy.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) is reporting that the conference, known as PrideWorks, was sponsored by the gay activist group known as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Its stated mission is to inform communities about the realities of growing up "gay," lesbian, bisexual or transgender, and to inspire them to respect and support LGBT people and advocate for positive change.

Jeanne Sparks, CWA Home Team Captain, has attended PrideWorks conferences for several years to hand out literature designed to inform children about the risks of the lifestyle.

"I have also been following this since 2006, when I attended the conference and listened to Dani Neusom, a civil rights lawyer, call parents, preachers, and anyone who believes that homosexuality is unnatural and that you can change 'bigots and homophobes'," Sparks said. "She says that in a hundred years Southern Baptists are going to have to apologize to the 'gay' community. Since then I have been on the outside giving out written testimony of those who have been changed by the power of God, giving out Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) information and important statistics from the Centers for Disease Control regarding men having sex with men (71 percent of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses are with men who have sex with men). I wonder if they will tell them that statistic in the workshop on AIDS?"

According to CWA's Kendra Bartlett, the workshops offered to students at the conference were "beyond homosexuality."

For instance, a workshop entitled "Being A Genderqueer Ally" explores what it means to support people who identify as being genderqueer - which means not considering themselves to be a boy or a girl - and how to use gender-neutral pronouns.

"The Bible and the LGBTQ Community" workshop will explore "the language of religion, especially the selective use of 'proof' texts from both Hebrew and Christian Scripture which has long been used to support bigotry and discrimination against LGBTQ people," the conference website explains. "What does the Judeo-Christian Bible really say and how can it speak to those who use Sacred Literature to exclude rather than include people based on their sexual orientation?"

Another workshop, described on the website as "'Fixing' What's Not Broken: The Damage of Reparative Therapy and the Ex-Gay" states, "We hear it all the time: 'Jesus can cure you of your homosexuality.' Yet, when the research is done, we find that no one has really 'prayed the gay away.' In fact, most people attending 'change' groups end up harmed and feeling much worse than when they went in. Dr. Rix, an ex-gay survivor and author of Ex-Gay No-Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse will lead a lively and insightful workshop for anyone to attend."

In case the children were not confused enough by these workshops, the conference will also introduce them to all the latest terminology for the expanding LGBT and alternative sexuality movement.

For example, LGBT has recently been changed to LGBTQ with the 'Q' standing for 'questioning' which opens the door to youth who are not sure of their sexual preference.

Another new designation being heard more and more is "cisgendered" which is the opposite of transgendered.

"Someone who is cisgendered has a gender identity that agrees with their societally recognized sex," Bartlett explains. "Many transgender people prefer 'cisgender' to 'biological,' 'genetic,' 'real' male or female, or 'gender normative' because of the implications of those words. Using the term 'biological female' or 'genetic female' to describe cisgendered individuals excludes transgendered men, who also fit that description. To call a cisgendered woman a 'real woman' likewise excludes transwomen, who are considered within their communities to be 'real' women, also."

Jeanne Sparks, who was forced to hand out her literature from a distance this year because the event was held on private property, is calling for prayer for the children of New York who can now be legally deluged with pro-homosexuality materials now that the state has legalized same-sex marriage.

" . . . (P)ray that parents will be alerted to the dangers of the 'Gay,' Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) as it seeks to infiltrate our schools and the school curriculum," Sparks said. "Pray that people will rise up and speak out against this indoctrination and recruitment of our children."

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