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New Organization Aims to Stop Exploitation of Women

woman's face close upConcerned parents have banded together to create a site where people can learn how the reality of pornography is exploiting women and what people can do to stop it.

Christopher Gildmeister of the Parents Television Council (PTC) is reporting on "She's Somebody's Daughter", an organization formed by concerned parents who want to educate the public about the realities of pornography and the role it plays in sex trafficking and violence against women and children.

"Pornography  . . .  can range from the inhumanely hard-core and violent videos found on the Internet to exploitative ads, like Victoria’s Secret commercials," Gildmeister writes.

"One hundred percent of children growing up in America today are exposed to some form of pornography or sexually exploitative media by the time they are 12 years old. Use of pornography not only warps users’ expectations for their relationships, it wreaks havoc on marriages and families, and ultimately contributes to human trafficking and child sexual abuse. Indeed, 94 percent of Americans believe a ban on Internet pornography should be legal."

She's Somebody's Daughter has a website that offers a "Get Help" section for addicted men and women as well as their family and friends containing valuable resources for those wishing to be free of sexual addiction.

Their "Get the Facts" section educates people about pornography and how it drives the demand for sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

"Get Involved" aims to mobilize people to make a change in their world by started a constructive dialogue in their homes and communities.

"Every child – especially every girl – deserves to grow up in a culture that respects her as a human being, not an object," Gildmeister writes.

"The PTC applauds and stands with She’s Somebody’s Daughter for opposing those who would exploit all our daughters."

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