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Miss America Worked for Planned Parenthood

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

New crowned Miss America - Kira Kazantsev - has been caught trying to cover up the fact that she once worked as an intern at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Hempstead, New York. is reporting that the beauty queen who campaigned on a platform of fighting domestic violence, suddenly saw that her association with Planned Parenthood - the nation's largest abortion provider that has broken laws ranging from bilking Medicaid to covering up child sex traffickers - doesn't look good on her new "resume." As a result, she deleted the profile containing this information from her LinkedIn account.

Kazantsev, who represented New York state in the most recent Miss America pageant, completed a three-month internship at the abortion giant where she claimed to have assisted in the "delivery of programs to local public schools, teaching children about mutual respect and self-esteem," as well as conducting research on Planned Parenthood's education programs.

This isn't the extent of her pro-abortion advocacy, however. While serving as an intern for the political consulting firm Solidarity Strategies, Kazantsev also worked on political campaigns supporting pro-abortion candidates such as Congresswoman Annie Kuster and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

"She campaigned for the crown on a platform of fighting domestic violence, but apparently covering up the sexual abuse and sex trafficking of children is A-OK, as long as abortion is involved," writes LiveActionNews columnist Cassy Fiano. "One in four women seeking abortions are also victims of domestic violence, and are at higher risk for domestic violence in the future, that this also seemingly does not bother Kazantsev."

Kazantsev, a bilingual Russian American, was involved in an abusive relationship while attending Hofstra University and told NPR that the experience left her isolated and beyond the help being offered by friends. This is why she wants to raise awareness of cruelties perpetrated against women.

This is an admirable goal, but why "pick and choose" which cruelty to fight against? Women aren't just victimized by male bullies. They're also victimized by a culture that insists on stripping them of their inherent dignity, treating them like sex objects, stuffing them full of synthetic hormones to prevent the "inconvenience" of pregnancy and then marching them off to abortion clinics when all else fails. Why not fight for a new day in which the life-giving and nurturing qualities of women are not only protected, but celebrated for what they truly are - the feminine genius?

As Fiano says, if Kazantsev truly wants to advocate for women, she should use her platform to speak out against all of the violence that visits upon women, including abortion. Otherwise, all of her talk about ending domestic abuse is just that - talk.

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