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Media Collude to Hurt Women

media empty headlinesCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

As shocking as it might seem, the mainstream media is devoting little or no airtime to the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal, preferring to cover for the abortion giant rather than look out for the best interests of women and children.

The Media Research Center (MRC) is reporting on the sickening silence from the mainstream media that has largely decided the sale of body parts from aborted fetus is a non-story.

For instance, the “big three” – ABC, NBC, and CBS – completely ignored the third video just released yesterday which showed technicians picking through fetal body parts while a Planned Parenthood doctor decided how she wanted to be paid for the tiny livers and hearts. Instead, the networks devoted six minutes and 26 seconds to reporting on the “outrage” surrounding the killing of an African lion in Zimbabwe by an American dentist.

PBS and the Spanish-language channels Telemundo and Univison followed suit and mentioned not a word about the scandal.

MSNBC gave it a passing mention – but only to attack the creators of the videos, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and the pro-life movement in general.

CNN’s coverage was equally bizarre with host Alisyn Camerota more concerned about the price negotiations than the fact that they were discussing the sale of body parts taken from a human fetus.

“Why not set a set price?” Camerota asks her guest, Planned Parenthood vice president Dawn Laguens. “Wouldn’t that fix the problem?”

Fox News, Camerota’s former employer, is the only channel that has provided continuous coverage of the scandal – which explains why it’s the most watched cable news channel in the country.

Then there’s the print media who have also chosen to ignore the scandal. The Washington Post devoted one story on the second video but only online, not in their print edition. USA Today covered none of the videos.

As the MRC’s Brent Bozell and Tim Graham report, the Los Angeles Times finally did a story on Monday, July 27 under the headline, “Videos a ‘smear campaign’”.

“The fourth paragraph was pure propaganda. ‘The organization provides a variety of healthcare services, including cancer screenings, HIV tests and family counseling.’ How in the world do they leave out the abortions? It’s like saying McDonald’s offers a variety of salads and ice cream cones.”

The New York Times made the second video front-page news – but only to condemn them and call the whole undercover project a “scam”.

Bozell and Graham report that Planned Parenthood has hired the crisis communications team, SDKnickerbocker, who immediately sent out a memo pressuring reporters and producers not to show the videos because they were obtained under false identification and violated patient privacy.

“Never mind that there are no patients shown in these videos to date, or that these national journalists have themselves used ‘false identification’ in undercover stings,” Bozell and Graham write. “The vast majority of the media are easily pressured into silence, or embarrassing denials of grim reality.”

They go on to ask a loaded question. “How can our media elites look at these videos and just bury them?”

It’s simple. “ . . . [O]ur liberal media is so deep in the tank for the abortion industry that they want to stop noticing that these damning videos exist, even as the evidence piles higher and higher.

This is why far too many women still believe Planned Parenthood is looking out for their best interests – because they’re not getting the facts which the media insists on hiding from them. In doing so, they deny women their right to choose what is best for their bodies and instead forces their choice upon us.

It's time to hold the press accountable! Contact the networks and demand that they cover this national disgrace!

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