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How Satan Dupes Psychics (and us!)

There is no worse identity thief than Satan - and he's more than willing to exploit the personal information he gathers about us when we step outside the realm of God's protection and seek answers from the occult.

According to a great book by Father Mike Driscoll, Demons, Deliverance and Discernment: Separating Fact from Fiction About the Spirit World, demons may not know our thoughts or our future, but they are frighteningly aware of our personal habits. They hear all of our conversations. They read what we write in our diary or text to our friends. They hear everything we say when we’re “talking to ourselves.” Nothing escapes them. They take all of this information and process it with their super-human intellects and come up with predictions that are often right on-the-mark.

“Because of demons’ greater intelligence, memory, and powers of observation, they are much better at interpreting human behavior and thought than we are,” Fr. Driscoll writes. “The demons can listen to us and observe us carefully, and may be able to see or hear subtle physical signs that show our emotions. Therefore, even though God alone knows all of our thoughts, demons can readily analyze what we are thinking and feeling, and make accurate predictions.”

He adds: “One might think of them as extremely accurate weathermen. They don’t know the future, but they can make very good predictions.”

When we step outside the realm of God’s protection and seek answers from a psychic, a demon will have no problem passing along the information he has gleaned about us.  Perhaps we’re feeling sad over the recent death of a loved one, or just suffered a financial set back. Maybe we’re angry at someone, or were just discussing some personal secret with a friend on the phone last night. A demon will know all of this and can relay it to the psychic, thus making his or her predictions seem uncannily accurate.

Even more incredible is how demons often work together to feed information to psychics. As Fr. Driscoll explains: “[B]y knowing my personal habits and listening to my conversations today, a demon may foresee some of the things that I will be doing tomorrow. Through his own observations or through communication with another demon, this particular demon may also know the plans of another person. Because of this, the demon may have access to the knowledge that our separate scheduling of appointments will result in our being in the same place at the same time.

“Now, suppose that I were to go to a palm reader today. The demon may suggest to the palm reader’s mind the name of the person I am going to meet the next day and the likely circumstances of our encounter. The palm reader thinks he is predicting the future, but instead he is being used by the devil.”

In other words, what appeared to be an amazingly accurate prediction was nothing more than simple demonic trickery.

This is why, during the season of Lent, we need to make sure that we have confessed, renounced, rejected and repented of any recourse we may have had to psychics, tarot readers, palm readers, mediums, etc. These activities open doors that are meant to remain closed in order to protect us from becoming the victims of the devil’s dirty tricks.

Remember, the devil can't do anything with his vast stores of information unless God permits it. When we are careful to remain in a state of grace, stay close to God in prayer, and avoid dabbling in the occult, He will protect us from this gross intrusion of privacy by the world's most formidable identity thief.


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