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Gosnell Verdict Shot-Across-the-Bow to Abortion Industry

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Call it a coincidence that the murder conviction of House-of-Horrors abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell occurred in the middle of the Obama Administration's National Women's Health Week, but this case is finally shining a light on the dangers inherent in the nation's abortion industry - which is still in denial as it erroneously calls the Gosnell case an "aberration."

Fox News' Manny Alvarez, M.D., a practicing OB-GYN applauded the first-degree murder conviction of Gosnell in the murder of three infants born alive after abortion, and an involuntary manslaughter charge for the death of a 41 year-old woman.

"Let this also be a warning to city and state officials who failed to do their jobs of checking up on this death clinic, knowing full well that they have a moral and ethical responsibility to respond when citizens file complaints. Gosnell’s clinic was hardly ever inspected, and those city and state officials should bear a degree of guilt in allowing this doctor to practice the way he did," Alvarez said.

"In the aftermath of this despicable case, I hope that political pundits don’t spin this story into an issue purely of abortion, but take the opportunity to discuss how to improve women’s health services in this country."

Not surprisingly, the spin is already underway. The abortion industry is trying to use the House-of-Horrors as a way to promote abortion rights, saying Gosnell's clinic is what women can expect if abortion is ever deemed illegal. That might sound like a great talking point, but it doesn't make much sense considering the fact that Gosnell's clinic was operating while abortion was legal in the U.S.

A more logical argument would be to admit that by making abortion so widely available,  charlatans like Gosnell are given ample the opportunity to operate their chop shops while pretending to care about "women's reproductive rights."

Other abortion proponents are calling Gosnell's clinic an aberration, but this exhaustive list compiled by the Susan B. Anthony List reveals the exact opposite. The abuse of women and children in abortion clinics is systemic. Not only does this list prove it, but the recent undercover sting by pro-life activists at LiveAction actually show it happening as doctors admit to letting babies die who were born after an abortion.

I've even heard some reporters wonder why women used Gosnell's clinic when there was a Planned Parenthood clinic right down the street where a woman can get an abortion in a clean, sterile environment - as if this is true of all Planned Parenthood clinics.

Sadly, it isn't. Let's not forget that Planned Parenthood is currently under federal investigation for a variety of crimes from covering up statutory rape to aiding and abetting child sex traffickers and defrauding the government out of millions of dollars.

In addition, they are also being sued for botched abortions in numerous states. In fact, during the Gosnell trial, Planned Parenthood Delaware had to suspend surgical operations in their Dover and Wilmington clinics after two nurses came forward to complain about unsanitary conditions at the facilities, calling them "ridiculously unsafe" and "a meat-market style of assembly-line abortions."

This is hardly the track record of a "clean, sterile" women's health facility.

Then there's the sticky little problem about abortion-clinic regulation - you know, the kind of regs that require all instruments to be properly sterilized and would make it possible for an ambulance crew to fit a stretcher through a doorway. The abortion industry has been fighting these laws tooth-and-nail, even in wake of the Gosnell travesty, saying they force clinics to spend too much money, thereby making them raise prices  which in turn makes abortion less accessible to women. If they really cared that much about women, they'd bring their clinics up to code and eat the cost. Planned Parenthood can certainly afford it. They raked in 1.244 billion in 2011-2012. Perhaps CEO Cecile Richards can do without some of that cushy $400,000 salary she receives.

As the American Life League's Judie Brown said so well, the murder of infants in Gosnell's clinic can never be an "aberration" because every abortion is murder.

"Regulating abortion mills or the act of abortion will not solve this terror against the innocent. Abortion is a filthy business, and shiny clean abortion chambers do nothing to change the grievous crime to the most innocent," she says.

"Abortion cannot be regulated. It must be eliminated."

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