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Frightening Testimony About Reiki Treatment

DB writes: “I listen to your show almost daily on EWTN on my Sirius XM on the way to work. I heard you talking about Reiki a few times over the last couple of weeks and I felt called to share my experience.”

"A few years ago, my husband booked a couples spa day for us and he had to choose an alternative to the facial message. He was in a hurry and chose the Reiki massage. Neither of us had ever heard of it and didn’t have time to really investigate it prior to our appointment, but in reading the brochure nothing bad jumped out at me and it sounded interesting, and the Japanese aspect helped.

"Anyway, we get checked in for our appointment and the Reiki is the first treatment we have. The receptionist takes us to the room and immediately I feel something off in the room, like there is something there that we can’t see. We are laying on the tables and the people doing the Reiki massage come in to start.

"Once they start, I cannot relax, the lady working on me kept saying “close your eyes, relax, breathe”, but every time I closed my eyes all I saw was snakes and a very large demon. She ended up putting a small towel over my eyes, but still all I saw were snakes and the demon. After about 10 minutes I just started praying the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Prayer to St. Michael over and over again until the end of the session. While I was praying, I was able to relax a little.

"I was so happy once the treatment was over, and we were able to get out of that room and over to the next room. At the end of our whole spa afternoon when we checked out, I told the receptionist about the first room and that there was something in the room and how I couldn’t close my eyes or relax. She seemed surprised and was like “we used sage in the room, so there shouldn’t be anything in there.” I later told my friend about my experience and that is when I learned that Reiki was against our Catholic faith. After learning that I understood better why I had such a hard time in that room.

"So that is my experience. I just wanted to share."

We are so grateful to DB for sharing her experience so that others might be warned to stay away from Reiki!

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