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Fr. Thomas Euteneuer Explains Sudden Departure from Ministry

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist In a moving and contrite statement released yesterday, famed exorcist and former president of Human Life International, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer says his sudden departure from ministry was due to "violating the boundaries of chastity" with an adult female who was under his spiritual care. The statement confirms that the indiscretion occurred within his own ministry of exorcism rather than while acting on behalf of HLI, and that it did not involve the sexual act.  "I take full responsibility for my own poor judgment, my weakness and my sinful conduct that resulted from it," he writes. "I offer no excuse for my professional or moral failures, nor do I shift the blame to anyone else. I state without reserve that I am deeply sorry for my actions." He also states that Church officials dealt with the situation "in a timely and appropriate manner with a crisis that was not of their making.  I offer this statement as a matter of justice to vindicate Church officials who have been unjustly criticized by those writing and speaking in ignorance of the facts." Fr. Euteneuer's statement goes on to address some of the malicious gossip that has surrounded his departure and sets the record straight about his conduct in ministry, including accusations that he routinely targeted vulnerable women and mishandled funds. Meanwhile, LifeSiteNews is reporting that Bishop Gerald Barbarito of the Diocese of Palm Beach sent an e-mail to priests in his diocese explaining the situation:  "Father Euteneuer has been undergoing intensive evaluation and counseling to address admitted inappropriate crossing of adult heterosexual boundaries on the occasion of carrying out his priestly ministry. Immediate action was taken to deal with this matter and to restrict his ministry as soon as it was brought to the attention of the Diocese. Father Euteneuer has cooperated in the process while at the same time expressing contrition for his conduct and the harm it has caused. No determination has yet been made as to when and under what circumstances he may return to ministry."  Fr. Euteneuer's complete statement can be found here. © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®