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Exploring the Benefits of Motherhood

From the very beginning of pregnancy, each and every human life is the result of a special act of creation by God. We collaborate with God in the transmission of human life as co-creators. Janet Smith, Ph.D. says, “Our Church has always linked the begetting of human life with the obligation to educate and guide the life begotten, not just for the sake of prosperity in this life, but with a view to their eternal destiny.” Let us remember to pray for the eyes to be amazed at creation, especially the creation of our sons and daughters and for the grace to lead them to heaven!

Here’s a list of the things I like best about being a mother:

#5 Joyful Giving

Mothers learn very quickly to be a joyful giver! Being a parent is a twenty-four hour mission gifted to us by God. He selected YOU to be your children’s mother, so that means we have all the grace we need to make the right decisions for and with them.  Have confidence! Do you remember the Gospel passage with the woman and the alabaster jar full of perfume (Luke 7:36-38)? The woman breaks the alabaster jar full of oil and bathes Jesus in it- all while the apostles were grumbling! She breaks the jar so she can get every last drop. You can see the perfume as her love. She is the only one making a personal connection with Christ. At that moment it didn’t matter what everyone else around her said to her or was thinking about her.  As women we are like that with our children.  The next time you feel like you can’t persevere go back and read that passage.

Pray: Jesus I’m breaking the alabaster jar- I’m giving you everything. Help me to give all to my family.

#4 Self-knowledge

There’s nothing like being pushed to your limits to see how strong you are or where you are the weakest. For me, my weakest moments are being woken up in the middle of the night. It is good to know we can work on making our responses more loving, quicker, and with a smile. Our goal is to never allow anyone to feel as if their request is a burden. Luke 6:30 reminds us “give to everyone who asks of you”.

Pray: Lord, help me through my motherhood to grow in self-knowledge and practice virtue. I want to make you happy!

#3 We Live Longer

The University of New South Wales in Australia has published the results of a study of 1,200 women who were 60 years or older. What were the findings? Women who have children live longer than women who do not have children. Even more salient, the more children that women have, the longer their life expectancy. I can’t wait to be in an assisted living facility with all of you! Let’s have Bible Bingo!

Pray: Lord, thank you for helping us to see in small ways like this study how much you love children!

#2 Children are the world's best teachers

Little ones have such a beautiful sense of wonder and simplicity. “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven”(Matthew 18:2-4).  We have firsthand experience of how to talk to our Father by watching our children relate to us. When we become a mother, our prayer begins to be simpler. We learn to trust Our Father, just as our children trust us without hesitation. One of my favorite moments is when one of my girls sits on my lap. She just wants to be with me. She just wants me.

Pray: Jesus, help me to be simple in my relationship with you, because when I trust you it melts your heart!

#1 Gift of Life

As someone who struggled with infertility, I can tell you that the union of two cells seems so simple, yet is such a MIRACLE! From the baby’s earliest moment of life the cells have already differentiated themselves- some as toe cells, hair cells, cardiac cells. The personality, height, eye color is determined instantly! Human life- WOW!

Pray: Jesus, a simple thank you for the gift of life doesn’t come close to how I feel. You know my heart!

Melissa L. Foley is a nationally-recognized Christian Infertility Coach, FertilityCare Practitioner Intern and motivational speaker with a passion to serve Christian couples on their infertility journey.