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Demand Media Action on IRS Scandal!

IRSThe nation's largest media watchdog has started a petition drive to demand an end to the mainstream media blackout of new developments in the IRS scandal that targeted Christians and conservatives and pro-life groups.

According to L. Brent Bozell, III, president of the Media Research Center (MRC), a new set of IRS documents were released this week by Judicial Watch revealing that "extensive pressure" was put on the IRS by Democratic Senator Carl Levin to shut down "conservative leaning organizations".

Other newly released documents show that the IRS's handling of conservative applications was directed by the agency's DC headquarters, not low-level officials in Cincinnati which the nation has thus far been led to believe.

With other newly discovered links between Democrats on Capitol Hill and the IRS, it's becoming increasing apparent that this scandal could rise to the level of Watergate.

And yet the mainstream media - ABC, CBS, and NBC - have blacked-out all coverage of these developments in order to protect lawmakers who share their political views.

But this isn't new. They've been covering up the story since the scandal broke a year ago and have remained shamefully unwilling to inform the public about a scandal that has had enormous negative effects on the lives of many conservative, Christian and pro-life Americans.

For instance:

•    On August 2, reported that House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa had accused acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel of blocking the committee’s investigation. Network coverage: Zero.

•    On September 4, CNN’s Drew Griffin reported that documents showed Lerner’s original story blaming low-level employees was a lie. Network coverage: Zero.

•     On September 11, 2013 the Wall Street Journal exhibited how Lerner’s own e-mails implied a liberal political agenda at work. Network coverage: Zero.

•    On September 18, 2013, a front-page analysis published by USA Today confirmed the targeting of conservatives. ZERO seconds of coverage.

•    At the end of March 2014, The New York Times noted that the House committee was still being frustrated by non-cooperation from the IRS. Network coverage: Zero.

•     And, an April 7, 2014 staff report by the House Oversight and Government Reform committee thoroughly demolished what remained of the notion that both sides had been targeted. Network coverage: Zero.

•    Finally on May 7, 2014, The House of Representatives voted to hold disgraced IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Total network coverage? 15 seconds on Good Morning America and nothing on CBS or NBC.

"What will it take for ABC, CBS, and NBC to cover the IRS targeting scandal, which is no doubt bigger than Watergate?" Bozell asks in an email blast.

"Time after time after time, we’ve seen major developments in this story go completely unreported, or, at best, given a few token seconds. The liberal media are downright allergic to the truth about the IRS scandal. This administration has lied countless times to the media’s face, and they just continue to sit there and take it."

Why? Because "they’re so lovesick with everything Obama that they can’t bring themselves to do their jobs and report the news," Bozell said.

"It’d be pitiful if it weren’t so dangerous for the country."

As a result, the MRC has launched a nationwide petition drive to demand that the media tell the truth about the IRS scandal.

Click here to sign the petition!

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