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Courageous Young Mother Facing Cancer for 3rd Time!

Faithful souls everywhere are rallying to the side of Elise Charbonette Angelette, the mother of five children from Louisiana who was just diagnosed with Stage Four metastatic breast cancer of the brain which is her third bout with cancer.

According to Elise’s popular inspirational blog for cancer survivors, entitled, Team Buna: Every Little Thing, she recently went to the ER for treatment of a particularly intense and unusual migraine. Having been a cancer sufferer twice before, her doctor didn’t like the sound of it and sent her to the MRI to be put on IV meds and receive an MRI of the brain. Much to her surprise, as she was being wheeled out of the MRI, her doctor was standing there and gave her the news.

“Tumors,” he said. “Lots of tumors all over your brain, girl. And looks like a few deep within.”

All she could say was, “That sucks. For real?” as her husband, Jason, did what he always does at moments such as these – reached for his Rosary.

The doctor told them she had more than 30 tumors in her brain with two to three medium to large tumors deeply imbedded in her cerebellum. She would be treated with 10 rounds of whole brain radiation which were scheduled for 10 straight business days – Monday through Friday – beginning on Thursday, September 14.

As tough as this treatment schedule sounds, the hardest part was telling their children that mommy is once again very sick.

“How in the world would I tell my five children (ages 3-13 now. They were ages 7 mos to 10 years old when we got on this roller coaster) that their mommy had cancer for a third time,” she blogged. “I had just been told I would need ‘whole head radiation and would lose my hair…. for a third time.’ I can handle whatever they throw at me, but, Dear God, not my family? What about them?? How can I look at their faces and tell them this?”

But she’s a fighter and once again put on the armor of God and prepared for another battle.

“And, although I’ve mentioned before that I would probably never be one to sign up for war, it turns out that when drafted, I’m a damn good soldier. You want me on the front lines. When I fight my individual battles, a village fights behind me (that’s you),” she blogs.

“They hook me up with firewalls of prayers, grace, and the most sufficient army of God’s angels and His blessings that I could have never imagined!!! I go in every time well armed! So, although I want to curse and yell and ask why my guardian angel got so drunk and missed this one?!?! (Yes, Folks, I’ve had my sailor mouth episodes… which mostly occur in the shower in my own privacy) But… I know that God is not leaving me high and dry. He has never let me down when in battle. He always gives me just what I need … and more!”

But as we can all image, she’s still having her share of dark moments.

“It occurred to me these past few months that I’ve been in some major grieving and mourning over my old life. My old body. My old hair. My old schedule. My old routines. My old NON-MEDICATED, NON-DOC APPOINTMENT NEEDING (although, if I have to go to doc appointments, I happen to have the BEST EVER!!) , NON-SCAN NEEDING, NON-SCAN NEEDING, NON-DAILY HANDING ANY FEARS OF FUTURE RECURRENCES OF CANCER COMING BACK TO ME OR POPPING UP TO MY FAMILY OVER TO GOD EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. …., MY OLD ACTIVE SELF THAT COULD DO SO MUCH SO EASILY AND NOT NEED TO FIGHT FOR EVERYTHING.”

Her courage is as inspiring as her story is heartbreaking, which is why thousands are stepping up to help this young family in their time of need.

Two friends of the Angelette family, Kim Hill and Angelle Albright, have set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money – and lots of prayer – for the family.

“Elise, Jason, and all the Angelette kids are heroes in our community, and eveyone knows and loves them beyond measure!” they write. “This community was knocked to its' knees the first time we found out about Elise's breast cancer, just two short years ago. She is so very young, and having five children twelve and under, and having to go through this once again, is almost unfathomable. One of the biggest fears coming out of cancer are the thoughts of the treatment not working. It's hard for us to imagine what Elise and her family are feeling right now as they get this news.”

The last thing they need right now are money worries, which is why Hill and Albright set up the page that has raised nearly $70,000 toward a modest goal of just $150,000.

“We know how frustrating it can be to sit idly by watching those you love go through something,” they write. “This is our way of jumping into action, providing them with hope, comfort, and peace of mind.”

Let us join in the battle for Elise’s life with our prayers and our generosity!

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