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Coerced Abortion is New Front in War on Women

Prescribing dangerous contraceptives to women is only one front in the war on women. Another case of a man forcing an abortion upon his unsuspecting partner reveals yet another and more insidious front in this war - coerced abortion.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the story of 30 year-old Scott Robert Bollig from Wakeeney, Kansas who allegedly crushed up an abortion drug and served it to his pregnant girlfriend in pancakes. Naomi Abbott, who was between eight and ten weeks pregnant, miscarried.

Scant details on the case are being released to the press except that the incident occurred in January, 2014. The Kansas Attorney General's Office is refusing to say how and when Abbott realized she had been poisoned, and what drug was used to kill her unborn child.

Bollig is being charged with murder and was arrested on February 20. His bond has been set at $500,000.

Sadly, this kind of violence against pregnant women by their partners is not at all uncommon in America. A 2011 study found that pregnant women are much more likely to die from murder or suicide than they are from pregnancy related problems. The study, which took its data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Violent Death Reporting System, found that about three out of every 100,000 women who are pregnant or have a child less than one year old are murdered, and two out of every 100,000 kill themselves.

The faces behind these sad statistics tell heartbreaking stories of abuse and deception used to destroy babies who were very much wanted by their mothers.

LifeSiteNews is reporting on some of the more high-profile cases of coerced abortion that have occurred in the past few years. For instance, 23 year-old Kelton McClarrin of  Oil City, Pennsylvania was jailed on December 31, 2013 for punching his pregnant partner in the stomach and threatening to give her a "home abortion" during a domestic dispute. He was charged with aggravated assault on an unborn child, terroristic threats and other crimes.

Alfredo Vargas, 36, of Rapid City, South Dakota was sentenced to five years in prison after spiking his girlfriend's drink with an herb to try to induce an abortion. He was described as showing no remorse at his hearing. Thankfully, his efforts were not successful and his girlfriend gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Another case that made headlines occurred in September 2013 when John Andrew Welden, 28, the son of a doctor, produced a phony prescription for an abortion pill, then switched the label on the bottle for that of a common antibiotic and gave it to his pregnant girlfriend. She lost the child. Both the defense and the prosecution recommended a sentence of 13 years and eight months in prison, but the judge is still trying to determine if the pill alone caused the woman to lose the child.

These are only the cases that make the news. Too many others don't.

Recent research has found that up to 64 percent of women who have abortions say they felt pressured into it by their partner, family or counselors at abortion clinics.

As a result, health care professionals are being asked to screen pregnant patients more carefully and look for any signs of abuse or coercion.

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