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Black Mass Bombs: Only 40 Attend

pentagramWhile only 40 people attended the black mass held at the Oklahoma City Civic Center last night, more than 1600 attended a prayer vigil nearby while hundreds of thousands more participated in holy hours of reparation around the world.

The Oklahoman is reporting that less than half of the 88 people who bought tickets for the controversial event actually showed up. One attendee, who was painted red and wore a black cloak with a pentagram necklace tried to enter through the front door but was quickly escorted by Civic Center employees to a side door where he - and other attendees - could gain entrance without having to face the large crowd of protestors out front.

The ritual, which is a blasphemous version of the Catholic mass, featured satanist Adam Daniels dressed in black robes similar to those worn by Catholic monsignors. In this video, he is seen praying a sacrilegious version of the Our Father, and is heard shouting angrily, " . . . Deliver us almighty satan from all past error and illusion . . . " He goes on to ask Satan to "destroy the fear of the Catholic Church, and unity of unholy fellowship, we praise and honor thee, Lucifer!"

A consecrated host that was to be used in the event was returned after Daniels was forced to do so by a lawsuit filed by Bishop Paul S. Coakley of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. Daniels supposedly used unconsecrated hosts which were stomped upon during the ritual.

Megan Czaplewski, 25, who flew in from Louisville, Kentucky to attend the ritual, said she was a follower of atheistic satanism and came to learn more about a different "denomination" of her belief.

“It’s like a Roman Catholic going to a Protestant mass,” Czaplewski told the Oklahoman. “It’s seeing what it’s all about. I also find it very interesting.”

Czaplewski’s friend, Jessica Holbert, 25, said she considered the event to be an art form.

“I just think it will be an interesting experience," Holbert said. "I mean, when else in my life am I ever going to get to do anything like this?”

This was in spite of warnings last week from Tulsa exorcist, Msgr. Patrick Brankin, who said those who attend, even out of curiosity, risk becoming possessed by the demons that are called down during this ritual.

“I would think that there would be a real strong possibility, especially if they’re in the state of sin, that they would walk out possessed,” Msgr. Brankin said.

“They’re going into a situation where people there are calling upon Satan to exercise dominion over everything in the state—dominion over people, places, our very land. They promise to do an exorcism of the Christians there, which, in their own foolish talk, involves the pulling out of the Holy Spirit. If someone went there out of curiosity, especially if there was a possibility that they were not in the state of grace, they could easily come out with a demonic attachment, whether it would be an oppression, obsession or a full possession.”

Meanwhile, about 1,200 Catholics attended a holy hour at St. Francis of Assisi Church which was led by Archbishop Paul S. Coakely. In stark contrast to Daniels' event, so many people showed up they couldn't fit into the sanctuary and had to be directed into an adjacent gym and cafeteria area. More than 400 gathered on the lawn outside to participate in the service which was piped through loud speakers.

The Archbishop told attendees that Oklahoma City was the target of "dark forces" but that as Christians "we know that Christ conquered Satan. The war has been won, Christ has conquered, though skirmishes will continue until Christ comes to reign forever."

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