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Black Lives DO Matter! Then Why So Many Abortions?

walter B. Hoye IIThe president of one of the country’s most esteemed Black pro-life organizations points out the glaring contradiction in the Black Lives Matter movement by asking, if Black lives matter so much, why is the abortion rate so high in this demographic?

“In the past year, 136 young Black men have been killed in confrontations with police,” writes Walter B. Hoye II of the Issues4Life Foundation. “However, the hypocrisy of the left is revealed in that, they ignore the continuing slaughter of innocent Black babies. Neither should be ignored.”

He goes on to point out the 20.4 million black babies who have been aborted since Roe v. Wade took effect in 1973 with 429,000 occurring just last year alone.

“ . . . [T]hat's 3,154 times as many Black lives taken by abortion each year as are killed by the police. Yet pro-choicers scream at the thought of defunding Planned Parenthood and its $550 million dollar a year government subsidy for its genocidal mission,” Hoye writes.

“Meanwhile, the media ignores the contradictions between this harsh reality and the promises of the left, who fail to notice the suicidal implications for their own political futures.”

Dennis Howard Dennis Howard

In a one-on-one conversation with Dennis Howard, president of the Movement for a Better America organization, this respected abortion demographer said that the mass slaughter of Black babies that has been occurring since the passage of Roe v. Wade will only hurt abortion supporters who cling to the pro-abortion platform of the Democratic party.

"Since 1992, Blacks have consistently voted 90 percent or more for Democratic candidates, delivering majorities of 10 million votes or more for the Democrats in presidential years. Which means that for their opponents to win, they have to garner 65 percent or more of the rest of the vote,” Howard said. "That's next to impossible, as both McCain and Romney found out."

He continued: "The flaw in this strategy is that abortion has taken such a huge toll on future Black voters that the chances of continued success of this strategy are dim. More than half of those 20.4 million innocent Black babies killed by abortion would be of voting age today. That means at least 10 million missing young Black voters, and a serious dent in future Democrat margins."

Still, Howard's concern is not politics, but life. Howard says, "It is simply ironic that, without abortion, the Democrats would be a shoo-in. So why do they persist in supporting what is clearly a genocidal policy?"

It's a good question, especially because it comes from a man who was once a lifelong Democrat but who left the party over their pro-abortion platform.

As for Hoye, he believes ending abortion is a matter of survival now: "I can't quit, the future of my people depends on meeting the needs of our women and children."

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