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Beware of Occult & New Age at Mindvalley Academy

GSM writes: “I was recently introduced to this site for wellness and inspiration, but it has hints of meditation and new age. Do you know anything about this? It's called Mindvalley Academy."

Mindvalley Academy doesn't hint about its New Age and occult connections - it's all there in black and white for all the world to see!

This "academy" offers a variety of courses in everything from the occult-based Silva Method to  Consciousness Engineering, Advanced Chakra Wisdom and Language of Archetypes by the self-proclaimed medical intuitive, Carolyn Myss.

For those who never heard of it, Mindvalley calls itself an education technology company that specializes in introducing (their idea of) wellness, mindfulness and personal development into a new education system.

The brain child of 39 year-old Malaysian Vishen Lakhiani, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in computer science and electrical engineering, the company claims to embrace the philosophy of the late Buckminster Fuller, an award-winning architect, designer and inventor best known for his geodesic domes. Fuller, the grandson of a Unitarian minister, was an early environmentalist who coined the phrase, “doing more with less” and who pioneered the idea of “thinking globally.”

MindValley’s approach is not to improve upon the existing education system, but to create an entirely new one based on Fuller’s idea that “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Lakhiani’s got the idea to start Mindvalley while working in New York in 2001 for a technology company where he resorted to the Silva Method, an occult-based mind-control program, to deal with the stress. He also turned to meditation and other personal growth programs to bring about what he called a healthier, happier life. Eventually, he became an instructor in the Silva Method which utilizes clairvoyance and spirit guides, among other things. At some point during this phase of his life, he and his first business partner, Michael Reining, decided to start MindValley, an online academy intended to reinvent higher education with a holistic approach that incorporates much of what he learned in his personal quest for peace.

At first, they operated out of Lakhiani’s apartment in New York City but decided to move the company to Lakhiani’s home town of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 2005. Within two years, the company grew from 40 people and an annual revenue of $10 million to 150 people and $20 million.

Some of the courses being offered by his academy are: Holistic Sex, Awaken Your Inner Philosopher, Discover Qi, and Make Your Life Magical.

The site claims to have 300,000 students connecting with the “hottest personal growth authors” and “thought leaders”.

This is hardly the place to go for wellness and inspiration due to the emphasis on occult-based and New Age philosophies which can introduce you to entities that are not in any way interested in your well-being.