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American Girl Promotes Transitioning to Girls

Backlash is mounting against the American Girl doll brand after it began marketing a book encouraging gender change to girls ages three to 12 years.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the book entitled, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, which gives prepubescent girls advice on how to change their gender even if they don’t have support from a parent or guardian. Written by American Girl resident author Mel Hammond, the 96-page guide tells girls it’s okay to be unhappy in the body they were born with and instructs them on how to make permanent changes to their bodies.

“Parts of your body may make you feel uncomfortable and you may want to change the way you look. That's totally OK!” the book says.

The same page goes on to encourage girls to ask their doctors for puberty blockers if they feel confused about their gender but aren’t physically ready to undergo hormone therapy.

"If you haven't gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body's changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity,” the book suggests.

Girls are also given instructions on how to get the help they think they need even if their parents aren’t in favor. “If you don’t have an adult you can trust, there are organizations across the country that can help you. Turn to the resources on page 95 for more information.”

The book was largely panned on the American Girl website with the vast majority of comments expressing outrage at the contents.

One reviewer, named “Disappointedmomcounselor” wrote: “I am so disappointed in American Girl…have always been a big fan and love the books they produce. However, this book is horrible and has does more harm to body image than good. While it starts out innocent, the tone quickly changes around page 36 where it tells girls they can change their gender…if American Girl really understood gender dysphoria, they would see there’s a lot more to this topic with underlying causes in mental disorders. Parents are given false information on this topic and feel the need to allow their child to transition. The vast majority of these children go on still feeling depressed and even more confused. As a mental heath professional, I am disappointed that American Girl would allow a book like this to be published.”

Another parent was equally appalled. “I will no longer buy any of your dolls or accessories for my grandchildren! Shame on you for introducing a book to young girls to change their gender. No more. Stay in your lane.”

Their Facebook page has also been flooded with negative comments from outraged parents.

As one woman wrote: "There are SO MANY differences that make girls special and unique that can be talked about and celebrated, and encouraged, instead of choosing the one thing that literally erases it all..."

There is just cause for this outrage. The negative influence these pro-transition books, movies, and educational programs are having on children cannot be understated. A recent study found a 13 percent increase in gender reassignment surgeries being carried out on children in the U.S. in the last decade.

Results showed children as young as 12 who were offered irreversible operations with the overall incidence of mastectomies – sometimes called “top surgery” - among minor girls rising from just 3.7 per 100,000 persons-years to 47.7 per 100,000 in that time.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco studied mastectomies performed on girls aged 12 to 17 at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California health system between January 2013 and July 2020, which covers 56 regions.

“Of the 209 patients who had the surgery between 2013 and 2020, ten were aged 12 or 13. The median age of referral was 16 years,” reports the Mail.

Even more disturbing, the majority of these girls had a history of mental illness. “Around 60 percent had anxiety and/or depression, and 11 percent had history of an eating disorder.”

That these irreversible surgeries are often regretted later is attested to by men and women called “detransitioners” who eventually return to their biological gender and who say their decision to return to their biological gender is often met with threats of violence from transgender activists. Many report being harassed on-line, doxed, and even receiving death threats by these activists whose culture is described by detransitioners as being inward-looking and cult-like.

Sadly, too many young girls are being caught up in the “woke madness” that has been spreading like a dark stain across American society. Their so-called “positive messaging” is nothing more than sugar coating on a dark message that encourages girls to “cancel” their femininity long before they’ve had a chance to discover it.

Thankfully, mothers are fighting back with programs such as our own Young Women of Grace groups that encourage girls to embrace the genius of their femininity and let their beauty shine much needed light into an ever-darkening world.

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