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Activists Plan to Defeat People’s Veto in Maine

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Writer Homosexual activists have revealed their plans to harass and intimidate people who are supporting a pro-marriage ballot initiative that will be voted upon in Maine this November. A gay-marriage bill was passed by the Maine legislature in early May and was signed into law by Governor John Baldacc. However, Maine law allows the people to exercise what is known as a “People’s Veto” to stop any law from going into effect and forcing a state-wide vote. Although only 55,000 signatures are required to get a veto on the ballot, more than 100,000 were collected in less than 90 days, allow a vote to take place on Nov. 4. According to the pro-family action center, Mass Resistance, the homosexual movement has already launched television commercials in support of gay rights and is planning to recruit campaign workers from across the country to come to Maine to defeat the initiative. “They are raising money and organizing and doing everything necessary,” reports Mass Resistance on their website. “They see Maine as a small enough state - both in area and population - with a high enough percentage of white liberals/libertarians (as opposed to blacks and Hispanics who are less easily swayed by pro-homosexual propaganda), that they truly believe they can win this one.” The homosexual lobby announced plans this week for a so-called “Volunteer Vacation” designed to bring in waves of volunteers from all across the country. “They will be professionally trained to begin their ‘person-to-person’ blitzkrieg across the state, during the weeks leading up to the election,” Mass Resistance reports. A television ad campaign has also begun with a well-crafted ad featuring parents and children – both gay and straight – who talk about Maine’s values of fairness, respect and strong families. “You know, in Maine, no one tells anyone else how to live,” says one person in the ad.  Another man with his wife and two daughters says,  “Everyone should be able to marry the person they love.” Other people from Maine express their support for “marriage equality” in the ad, including a waitress, a firefighter, and a lobsterman. Mass Resistance says the ad represents “the propaganda machine at a high level. We've rarely seen anything this well done. It's expected to be followed by several other similar ones.” Because Maine residents are not cooperating with demands from activists to release the names of donors to the pro-family cause, activists are filing “ethics” charges against them to try to get the names released. One group, Californians Against Hate (CAH), filed a complaint with the state's ethics commission asking for an investigation into what they allege to be illegal fundraising reporting by pro-family groups. CAH founder Fred Karger says the groups are contributing to the Stand for Marriage campaign without reporting the names of their donors. An ethics commission is expected to decide in October whether or not to order an investigation. Mass Resistance is warning the population that the national homosexual movement is taking the Maine marriage initiative very seriously. “They are using their ‘lessons learned’ from other states here. They believe that a win in Maine will have domino effect in California, Iowa, and other states across the country. They must be stopped. Is our side up to it?” © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®