Amidst Church Crisis: Month of Holy Rosary is The Answer

As we approach October, the Month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary, the Church is engaged in one of the most urgent crises in its history, but the Word of God reassures us that “where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more.”

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Kennedy Resignation Signals Call to Prayer for Future of US

If there was ever a time for Christians to unite in prayer for the fate of our nation, it is now as the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy leaves a seat open for a pro-life justice who could tip the scales of justice in favor of life for at least a generation.

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Love the Madonna


 May 1

“Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life without the help of the Blessed Mother. Love the Madonna and pray the Rosary,
for her Rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today.
All graces given by God pass through the Blessed Mother.”

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