Chaput on Mass Shootings: Why are We So Shocked?

In a hard-hitting column, Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput recalled his experience burying some of the victims of the Columbine massacre twenty years ago and explains why only a fool can believe that “gun control” will solve the problem of mass violence.

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Let’s Use the #MeToo Movement to Change The Culture

In a powerful op-ed appearing on the Women Speak for Themselves (WSFT) website, executive director Meg Johnson encourages women to seize the momentum behind the #MeToo movement to change a culture that is too willing to present sex as “no big deal.”

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Ban Baby Boxes, but Not Abortion?

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In a move that is surely the height of hypocrisy, human rights activists in Europe who support abortion are calling upon governments to ban all anonymous drop-off points for unwanted babies, otherwise known as “baby boxes,” because they avoid dealing with problems that lead to child abandonment.

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