The Dark Secret Behind Those Cute Little Waldorf Dolls

AA writes: “I just read the article  Anthroposophy/Waldorf and Catholic Homeschooling. May I ask a question? I found the dolls they make about a year ago. I started making them but with normal things and using clothing that was given to me just to be able to make dolls for kids. Yes I freely give them to any child that wants one. It is a joy to see a little child smile. Ok I don’t go along with any of their beliefs as I later found out about them. Is it ok that I make these dolls for children? To me it’s a gift from God because he made me able to make them and I make sure to say that they are a gift from God. I am starting to wonder now.”

The problem with making Waldorf dolls is that they have a very distinctive look which is easily associated with Waldorf schools, which are a BIG problem, as you can read about in this blog.

Supposedly, these expressionless dolls are intentionally kept simple so as to encourage a child to use their imagination. However, according to the occultist, Rudolph Steiner, who founded Waldorf schools, his definition of imagination is much different from our own. In his view, imagination means “psychic sight” just as “art” means “the art of magic.” Occultism permeates everything about Waldorf, no matter how innocent it might look on the surface – such as these simply made little dolls.

AA, I fully appreciate the joy you must feel at making a child smile when presenting them with this doll, but isn’t it true that they would smile just as much if you gave them a different doll instead? In my view, it would be a much happier experience to make a child smile without promoting a notorious occultist like Steiner and the schools he founded. 

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