Sears Gets Into the Pornography Business

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

The American Family Association (AFA) is sending out an alert to its one million-member family warning them that Sears is not only selling scores of hard-core pornographic DVDs, but graphic images and descriptions of these products are easily accessible to children through their website.

According to AFA president Tim Wildmon, under the new leadership of Chairman Edward Lampert, Sears is now offering scores of hard-core pornographic DVDs and music on their website. Some of these offerings include “Lesbian Sistas”, “Hot Mamas Like Young Chicks,” and “Hot and Exotic” which feature explicit promotional photos and text that is only a few mouseclicks away from children.

“Not only does Sears’ website allow children to view its pornographic offerings online, it will sell them to children,” Wildmon said. “During our online check-out process, we were never asked to verify our age.”

He also said that the AFA has tried more than a half-dozen times to reach out to Sears quietly and professionally, but to no avail. In fact, the company is now blocking all e-mail coming from the AFA!

” . . . (T)hey have so far ignored us but we don’t think they’ll ignore tens or hundreds of thousands of people who get in touch with them and tell them they will  not shop there as long as they offer pornography on their website,” he said.

Concerned citizens are being asked to contact the office of Chairman Edward Lampert at 847-286-2500 and leave a polite message.

For those who wish to send an e-mail, they can do so through Sears website feedback.

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