Pro-Lifers Teach Snarky Abortion Supporter a Lesson

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Last month, an abortion-supporting social media editor for a large newspaper took to Twitter to taunt pro-life activists about how much they “personally” do to support single mothers with children. She got taught a lesson she’ll never forget.

Writing for Human Life International, Father Shenan J. Boquet documented the Twitter thread that started with the taunt sent out by social media editor Sarah Tuttle-Singer who works for a variety of big name publications such as The Times of Israel and Ladies Home Journal.

“Dear Pro-Life friends: what have you *personally* done to support lower income single mothers?” she tweeted, then added sarcastically, “I’ll wait.”

She may have thought that she was setting up a trap for members of the pro-life community, perhaps to make them look like a bunch of political hacks who could care less about babies and are out to rob women of their “rights.” However, her trap turned into a giant sinkhole that swallowed no one but herself.

“As of this writing there are over 13,000 comments in response to her tweet, detailing a vast number of both little and large acts of kindness, all aimed at smoothing the way for young mothers in need,” Father Boquet reports.


For example, some of the comments included:

“Donated a well working car to a pregnancy support center, which was given to a single mom who chose life.”

“I’ve adopted a special needs child, in the works to foster, give to crisis pregnancy centers, volunteer in community activities and care for women and families in my community.”

“Adopted six children, supported many moms who chose to parent if adoption wasn’t the right path. Been doing it for years, because it’s right.”

“I have taken in a single mother and her two children when her power was cut off in winter. When her car was taken we gave her ours. I’ve given to charity off and on for years. Donated clothing and school supplies to underprivileged kids.”

“My mom started a pregnancy center and I did volunteer work there from the age of 0-18 (when I left for college). When I was 2, my parents took in a pregnant HS student. Paid all her medical bills. She still comes to visit us and reminds me that I inspired her to not abort.”

Popular bloggers, Chicks on the Right, leaped into the foray to issue their own taunt to Tuttle-Singer with a tweet that read, “Its seems like this thread didn’t work out the way you wanted,” followed by a gif showing them smiling and asking, “Let’s see how that worked out.”

Tuttle-Singer had no choice but to respond – albeit with a partisan dig – “I love to be pleasantly surprised and while GOP leaders aren’t doing much, it’s lovely that you all are 😊.”

As Father Boquet points out, the thread did indeed fell short of the hopes of Tuttle-Singer to make supporters of life look bad. In fact, it did just the opposite.

“The total effect of this remarkable comment thread is something like a mosaic depicting just a small sliver of the cumulative and unsung love that pro-life individuals exercise every day in an effort to make this country a more compassionate, loving place for mothers and their babies,” he writes.

He then turns the tables of Tuttle-Singer, saying that her question could be quite easily, and more appropriately, directed back at her.

“’Dear Pro-choice friends: what have you *personally* done to support lower income single mothers?’ If pro-choicers are so concerned about ‘choice,’ where is the network of pro-choice-run pregnancy centers designed to make it easier for women who want their babies to choose to do so, instead of (as so often happens) resorting to an abortion that they don’t want out of desperation?

“Why is it that abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood provide almost nothing in the way of meaningful assistance to women as offered in crisis pregnancy centers? And why is it that abortion organizations aren’t lobbying the government to redirect even just part of the taxpayer money given to places like Planned Parenthood to the thousands of crisis pregnancy centers that are so urgently in need of funding?”

What such a Twitter thread would reveal is something most pro-lifers already know – the abortion industry does nothing to assist single mothers in crisis except to kill their unborn children and leave women with a hole in their heart for the rest of their lives.

Whether she admits it or not, this epic Twitter smackdown taught Tuttle-Singer a vital lesson – she who lives in a glass house ought to think twice before throwing stones.

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