World Rallies Around Alfie Evans

Kate James cradles her son Alfie Evans after his breathing tube was removed. (Photo posted by parents on social media.)

The world is rallying around tiny Alfie Evans as he continues to breathe on his own 40 hours after being removed from life support and his parents rush to appeal a lower court decision that is preventing the child from being flown to Italy for care.

The Mirror is reporting on the latest developments in the case that is being watched around the world as the parents of the little boy, who is in a semi-vegetative state, fight for the right to continue treatment for their son. To date, Alfie’s mysterious illness has never been officially diagnosed.

Thanks to the intervention of Pope Francis and the Italian government, health care workers at Bambino Jesu Children’s Hospital in Rome have offered to continue care for Alfie who has been granted Italian citizenship in order to facilitate the process. Air ambulances have been standing by near Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool to fly him to Rome upon a moment’s notice.

As of this writing, a critical hearing is underway in England where a judge will determine whether or not to overrule yesterday’s decision by Mr. Justice Hayden which once again denied the parents’ request to remove Alfie from the hospital and fly him to Rome.

Meanwhile, the court of public opinion is stacking up against the hospital and judges who say the chld will never recover and should be allowed to die.

In addition to Pope Francis and the Italian government, the Medical Ethics Alliance issued a press release calling the hospital court action that stripped Alfie’s parents of their rights to determine his care to be a form of “medical tyranny.”

“We are deeply concerned and outraged by the treatment and care offered to Alfie Evans,” reads the statement. “Despite a viable alternative being available (namely transfer by air ambulance for further assessment to a specialist hospital in Rome), the hospital and doctors responsible for his care insists that he remains under their care and on a pathway towards death.”

Actions such as these “have now brought the Alder Hey Hospital to worldwide attention and by extension bring our whole profession into disrepute,” the statement reads.

“Medical tyranny must stop. Poor Alfie must not be killed in this way. We demand that the authorities to allow Alfie safe passage to Rome.”

A large group of Brazilian bishops also taped a video and signed a public statement in support of Alfie Evans in which they assert that “life is sacred and inviolable, such that it may not, on any pretext, be vilified or suppressed.”

The add: “In this way, we reiterate our desire that all care be taken so that little Alfie may have the guarantee of all of his rights and may be aided in all of his necessities.”

The president of Poland has also issued a plea for Alfie’s life.

“Alfie Evans must be saved! His brave little body has proved again that the miracle of life can be stronger than death,” tweeted President Andrzej Duda. “Perhaps all that’s needed is some good will on the part of decision makers. Alfie, we pray for you and your recovery!”

Everyday citizens are also weighing in with a petition calling upon the Queen to intervene in Alfie’s case now boasting more than 164,000 names of those who want to see the child spared.

Let us join in this world-wide rally to save the life of this precious little boy!

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