Way of Peace Board Game for Children

way of peace board gameMB asks: “We received the gift of a board game called “The Way of Peace” . . . and would like to donate it to their Catholic school for use by school students in their recess or breaks as the students do play other board games. However, I wanted to be sure that this was alright to do.”

There is nothing New Age or occult about this board game.

As this reviewer describes, the Way of Peace board game is a Bible trivia game with the goal of collecting all six pieces of the armor of God. Players move around the board and collect armor by correctly answering questions based on the bible. Once they have collected their armor and land in the “Love” square, they are asked a final question. If answered correctly, this person is the winner.

The game is meant to be played more as a learning experience than a competition and is suitable for children ages 8+. It’s simple to learn how to play, but children will want to have a knowledge of the Bible if they want to win their armor.

MB, whose children have been playing the game, believes it may be Protestant-based because she has never heard any questions concerning Catholic doctrine; however, she also never heard any “Catholic-bashing.”

I was unable to find any information about the manufacturer of the game, Way of Peace, Inc., or the designer of the game, Robert L. Sullivan.

However, from what I could see of the game on-line, it looks like a lot of fun and a great teaching tool for kids!



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