Another Phony Psychic Charged for Theft

psychicA self-professed fortune teller from Ohio pleaded guilty last week to stealing $1.4 million in cash, Rolex watches, cars, and even Chanel purses from clients she claimed to be providing with advice for their future.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the case involving Gina Miller, of Gina’s Psychic Studio in Mentor, Ohio, who was caught bilking customers out of valuables after telling them they needed to pay her to protect them and their loved ones from the forces of darkness. Indicted late last year for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and aggravated theft, she pleaded guilty last week to one count of aggravated theft.

First accused of stealing from an elderly woman in March of 2015, a year-long police investigation found a long list of crimes dating back to 2001 in which Miller made people pay for protection with Rolex watches, leased cars, a stove, even a diamond ring, along with thousands in cash.

“Miller, who may be sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison, stole from at least 12 victims – with many others too embarrassed to cooperate, police said,” according to the Mail.

She is currently free on $150,000 bond while wearing a GPS tracking device until her sentencing hearing on April 27.

Judging by the comments at the end of this article, the public has little sympathy for both the psychic and her victims.

A person known only as “Deep South” wrote: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Another person named “Patty Pat” asked a very pertinent question: “If she was so psychic, why did she not get outta Dodge BEFORE the law came for her?”

Good question – and it has an easy answer – because she’s a phony like too many other charlatans who prey upon the public.

But this is not to say that every psychic is a phony. Some of them really do have power. The downside is that it’s sourced in demonic entities which means the unfortunate clients who do manage to get answers usually end up with a lot more trouble than they bargained for.

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