Founder of CorePower Yoga Found Dead

trevor ticeThe founder of CorePower Yoga was found dead in his Southern California home by police on Monday who say there were “suspicious circumstances” surrounding his death.

The New York Daily News is reporting on the death of Trevor Tice, 48, founder and former CEO of CorePower Yoga. Police did not elaborate on the “suspicious circumstances” surrounding his death but say he was believed to have been living in the home by himself.

Real estate records reveal that he purchased the 9,361 square foot property in San Diego in January of this year.

Apparently, Tice had two French bulldogs which were left outside all weekend, which neighbors say was unusual. 

Tice was in the process of renovating his home and it was one of the contractors who found shattered glass and a trail of blood inside the house. After following the trail, the contractor called police.

Although the cause and manner of death have not been released, Lt. Mike Holden, of the San Diego police homicide unit, told the Denver Post on Tuesday that “there are some potential circumstances here that make this a suspicious death.”

“This could be a straight death,” Holden said. “Or, potentially, he could have been murdered and this is a homicide investigation. We don’t know.”

An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

“We are deeply saddened to confirm that our CorePower Yoga founder, Trevor Tice, passed away on Monday,” CorePower spokeswoman Christine Turner said in a written statement. “No further details are available about the cause of death. Our CorePower Yoga community and executive team will not be providing media comment. Our community is grieving this tragic loss and honoring Trevor’s tremendous legacy.”

Tice opened the first CorePower Yoga studio in Denver in 2002 and now runs more than 150 studies in cities throughout the U.S. It’s first New York City location was scheduled to open early next year.

The company says Trevor became interested in yoga after suffering a serious climbing accident that left him with a shattered ankle. No longer able to run or do any high-impact sports, he turned to yoga and was instantly hooked. While traveling for his technology job, he would visit yoga studios throughout the country and eventually came up with his own brand of yoga which combines Bikram, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. It’s an athletic, heated style of yoga presented in spa-like studios.

Tice sold his company, TechPartners International, in 2001 for $60 million and launched CorePower yoga a year later.

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