Does Food Made with Love Taste Better?

thanksgiving dinnerA new study has found that food tastes better to people who are told the meal has been prepared with love.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the study which was conducted by the frozen food firm, Birds Eye, and found that 58 percent of people enjoy food more when told it was prepared with a certain level of love and attention.

In the study, two groups were fed an identical Christmas dinner but in different settings.

One group ate their meal in a festively decorated room and told their food was prepared by chefs using family-favorite recipes.

The second group ate the same meal in a sparsely decorated room without being told any special preparations concerning the food they were about to eat.

After both groups finished their meal, the first group believed their meal tasted better and gave an average score of 4.3/5 for the experience compared to the second group who rated their meal at just 3.4/5.

“We set out to prove that food made with love tastes better and demonstrate how the power of intention impacts people’s perception of food enjoyment,” said Dr. Christy Fergusson, a Birds Eye psychologist who ran the study.

“The results confirm that our emotional perception of taste can be enhanced or diminished by the amount of time, love and care that goes into meals, which ultimately can increase our enjoyment of food.”

This study goes a long way in reassuring all of those anxious Christmas dinner cooks that a meal cooked with love is bound to please even the fussiest palate.

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