Anti-Catholic Halloween Costumes at Amazon and Walmart

Tranny Granny costume deemed too offensive by Walmart & Amazon

Tranny Granny costume deemed too offensive by Walmart & Amazon

At about the same time that Amazon and Walmart agreed to pull a “Tranny Granny” Halloween costume because it might offend someone, the same retailers are featuring costumes depicting pregnant nuns and lewd priests.

The Catholic League is reporting on the hypocrisy of two of the nation’s largest retailers who quickly pulled the Tranny Granny costumes after receiving complaints.

“It is not certain how many cross-dressers complained, but at least one activist said that it was ‘humiliating, dehumanizing, and degrading’,” writes Catholic League president Bill Donohue. “Walmart was particularly contrite, telling LGBTQNation that ‘it clearly violates our policy’.”

And yet at the same time, Walmart is carrying a “Pregnant Nun Costume” as part of its “Heavenly Hottie Costume Foreplay.” This costume is a one-piece body suit that features white high boots and a large cross over the chest.

pregnant nun costumeAmazon is featuring the same offensive garb by offering a “Keep Up the Faith Priest Men’s Costume” which consists of a black cassock that clearly shows him to be in an aroused state. It is also selling a “Foreplay Women’s Sinful Sister Catsuit” which is a scanty black costume with black stockings and a nun’s headpiece.

“There are no excuses for what Amazon is doing, but Walmart is worse. It likes to tout itself as a ‘Christian-friendly’ store, yet when it comes to Catholics, it drops its guard,” Donohue writes.

“It is not a good cultural sign when corporate elites are more sensitive to cross-dressers than they are to Catholics.”

The Catholic League is encouraging people to contact Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmat at and ask him to pull the costume.

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