My Inner Demons

gracelinesheader “Our self-will is so subtle, so deeplyDying to Self Will rooted within us, so covered with excuses and defended by false reasoning, that it seems to be a demon. When we cannot do our own will in one way, we do it in another, under all kinds of pretext.”
                         ~St. Catherine of Genoa
For Reflection:
What might I currently be covering with excuses, false reasoning or pretext so that I might have my way? (Hint: It could be something which others have confronted me about or an area of discord within the family.)


Walk with Me, Jesus: A Widows Journeyb1571 Ronda Chervin, Ph.D. Pb – 223 pgs
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Mother Mary, you understand the soul-rending grief of widowhood. Pray for me now, that I might have the courage to face the challenges ahead. Help me to remain open to everything God wants me to learn in this new chapter of my life.

Heavenly Father, I abandon myself to Your boundless mercy. Give me strength to follow You, even when the way is hard to see. Thank You for all the ways You show Your love to me, especially …(name some of them here.)

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