Goat Yoga? Seriously?

10601636 - beautiful summer landscape with a goat and kidPerhaps it’s a sign that people are finally starting to get bored with the great yoga craze because now yogaites are rushing out to a farm in Oregon that is conducting yoga classes with goats.

Metro.co.uk is reporting on the latest yoga gimmick sponsored by No Regrets Farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon which is offering people an opportunity to do yoga amongst a flock of wandering goats. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

“The Goat Retreat was set up by former professional photographer Lainey Morse, who wanted to start a new business based on her farm,” the Metro reports. “When a local yoga instructor was searching for a place for her classes, Lainey offered up her farm – along with the goats that live there.”

While the goats don’t actually get involved in the yoga class, they are there “more for moral support and the weird factor, preventing you from getting bored midway through all that deep-breathing,” the Metro continues.

The farm even has its own Facebook page entitled, “Your Daily Goat” which features pictures and feedback from class participants who think doing the downward dog among the goats is really cool.

“It really is a wonderful unique experience,” says Lainey. “It may sound silly but it’s really just about getting outside in nature with beautiful scenery and having animals around you. Animals can really help humans with stress and illness or grief.”

And when combined with the world’s most popular means of enlightenment . . . oops! I mean exercise . . . it makes for a much more unique way of doing what everyone else is doing without feeling like you’re doing what everyone else is doing.




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