A Look Inside the Pope’s “Time of Rest” at Castel Gandolfo

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

A new video from the Vatican Television Center reveals an intimate glimpse into the Holy Father’s summer “rest” in Castel Gandolfo.

A newly released video clip provided by H2onews shows Pope Benedict XVI enjoying his annual summer holiday at the picturesque papal summer residence. He is seen contemplating the landscape from a window of the palace and strolling the grounds while praying the rosary with his secretary, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein. During the stroll, viewers see the pope sporting a white baseball cap to protect himself from the sun.

But there’s more than leisure planned for this holiday. The Holy Father is using the time to prepare the third volume of his great work on Jesus. Just last month, he completed the second volume, dedicated to the Passion and Resurrection, which is currently being translated into various languages. It is expected to hit bookstores next spring. The third volume will be dedicated to the “Infancy Gospels.”

Throughout most of the month of July, the Pope held no private or general audiences, but he has continued the traditional papal appointment with the faithful on Sundays for the Angelus in the courtyard of the apostolic palace.

On July 18, during his Angelus address, he commented on the Gospel story of Martha and Mary, which he said is very much attuned to the vacation period because “it recalls the fact the human person must work, engage in domestic and professional activities, but needs God first of all, who is the interior light of Love and Truth.”

Without love, even the most cherished activities lose their value, and give no joy, he said.

“Without a deeper meaning, everything boils down to sterile and unruly activism. And who gives us Love and Truth, but Jesus Christ? May we learn therefore, brethren, to help each other, to cooperate, but before everything else to choose together the best part, which is and will always be our greatest asset.”

To view the video, visit H2onews

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