Wonderful Faith


“If the work of God could be comprehendedfaith9 by reason, it would no longer be wonderful, and faith would have no merit if reason provided proof.”

                      ~Pope St. Gregory the Great



For Reflection:

In what one circumstance, situation, contradiction, or area of my life is God asking me to exercise faith?

gracelinefeature Sexuality and Authority in the Catholicb1701 Church
Monica Miller  PB 286 pgs
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Covenantal feminine authority is expressed, for example, by St. Irenaeus in his theology of the New Eve, by the important role given to consecrated virgins, by the eschatological necessity of the risen female body, by the moral virtue and spiritual maturity of women, etc.., etc. The fact that female authority is recognized by the Fathers shows that this authority is intrinsic to Catholicism from the beginning.


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