On Knowing God’s Will V


“Although the difficulties, temptations,Perseverance and different events that occur in the course of carrying out our plan may cause us some uncertainly as to whether we have chosen well, once our resolution has been made, we must never doubt the holiness of its execution.”
                             ~St. Francis de Sales
For Reflection:
Another tactic the evil one uses to render us ineffective is to create trials and difficulties for us as we seek to conform to God’s will. His hope is that we will give up, convinced we have made a mistake. Am I willing to persevere and not fall victim to this ploy of the evil one – no matter the cost?


Sexuality and Authority in the Catholic b1701
Monica Miller  PB 286 pgs
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Monica Migliorino Miller articulates a theology that breaks open the essence of ecclesial authority. Authority, if it is authority at all, derives from and exists for authentic Christian worship, namely, the Holy Eucharist. If authority is derived from Eucharistic worship, then authority is fundamentally the authority of a covenant. This book shows that this covenant is spoken according to a primordial sexual language rooted in creation itself.

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