Speaking To The Beloved


“Set my heart on the Kingdom? Fine,Jesus meek & humble of heart but how does one do this? One simple answer is to move from the mind to the heart by slowing saying a prayer with as much attentiveness as possible.”
                                  ~Henri Nouwen

For Reflection:

When I pray rote prayers or participate at Mass, do I sound like an auctioneer moving quickly from item to item, or do I sound like a lover speaking to her beloved?


We Need to Talk: God Speaks to a Modern Girlb1674
NEW! Susan Brinkmann
Pb 112 pgs
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When she decided to return to the Church, she did so kicking and screaming. She had so little faith that God had to open her eyes and heart to her true calling. When God entered Susan Brinkmann’s world, he waded into knee-deep piles of sin and daily dealt with her stubborn refusal to like him. And he did something amazing. This is the story of that miracle–not just a little moment, but something huge. He didn’t change her. He helped her become who she really was. If you’ve drifted into complacency, find in We Need to Talk the inspiration to recognize the pull of God’s voice and respond.

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