Unshaken Faith And Confidence


“Nothing is more pleasing to God thanMeritorious unshaken faith and confidence in the midst of darkness. Make a great practice of acts of confidence even when you feel nothing. It is just in these moments of dryness and darkness that these acts are most meritorious.”
                  ~Blessed Columba Marmion

For Reflection:
Why do I think God is pleased with unshaken faith and confidence in the midst of darkness? What act of confidence can I make now?



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Make Use Of The Sacraments

Reaping the Benefits of the Sacrament: How to Make a Good Confession

Mother Teresa of Calcutta says:

The first lesson of the heart of Jesus is our examination of conscience: Know thyself. The examination of conscience consists of facing ourselves with Jesus. We should not waste time looking at our misery, but we are rather to look into His light.

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