Feast of St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr


“I will be His who first chose meMartyrdom St.-Agnes for Himself.”

                      ~St. Agnes at her martyrdom




For Reflection:

God has chosen me for Himself just as He chose St. Agnes. Am I willing to choose Him first in all things? What one choice is He asking me to make today? What is my response?


Simon Peter School Scripture Study b1549A-Z Memory Verses Student Book (3rd Grade – 5th Grades)
by Tammy Woell  PB 76 pages
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General Instructions

After each Scripture class:
-Ask your parents to sign at the bottom of the page after they have heard you recite the verse and reviewed your activity page.

-Return this signed homework to class and recite the verse to your teacher.  If it is correct, you may color in a leaf on your “Memory Verse Tree” on page 55.

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