The Seed Of Life


“Evangelical surrender is directed towardssurrender4 receiving God’s word.  It is like the ploughing which enables the soil to be ‘good soil’ capable of receiving the divine seed, the seed of life.”

~Father Marie-Dominque Philippe, O.P.


For Reflection:

According to Father Philippe, what is the relationship between surrender and reception of the “divine seed, the seed of life?” How does Mary demonstrate evangelical surrender to God after Angel Gabriel’s announcement?  How can I work to move myself forward this Advent season?  (Tomorrow’s GraceLine may give you “Mary-like” insights.)




Living Life Abundantly
by Johnnette Benkovic
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And they will delight in stories like that of the woman who single-handedly relieved the poverty of Mexican children and of a ministry to women who suffer from the ravaging experience of abortions. Johnnette amplifies the stories with practical advice and Catholic teaching.

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