The Face Of Christ

gracelinesheader“The duty of the moment is what youJesus Savior1 should be doing at any given time, in whatever place God has put you. Your doing the duty of the moment, your living the nitty gritty, daily routine of ordinary life, can uncover the face of Christ in the marketplace…where you work or play or eat…or wherever.”                                           ~Catherine Dougherty

For Reflection:
What is my duty of the moment right now? How is Christ presenting His face to me? I will consciously seek Him through every duty and moment of my day today.


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Johnnette Benkovic, Susan Brinkmann, OCDS


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Chapter 1   The Annunciation

As soon as these words were spoken, Blessed Anne saw the Holy Spirit appear overhead in the shape of a winged figure with the head of a man and wings of light spreading out on either side of Him. Three streams of light poured from the breast of this figure and streamed into the right side of Mary. The light filled her until she glowed with an intense inner radiance, her whole form transfused with light. The angel suddenly disappeared and the bands of light faded away. Mary remained rapt in deep prayer for some time.

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