Virtues Of A Holy Heart

gracelinesheader “If man applies the virtues planted in hisVirtue Holy Heart soul to the right purpose, he will be like God. The image we depict must not be that of one who is unlike God; for one who is harsh and irascible and proud would display the image of a despot. Let us not imprint on ourselves the image of a despot, but let Christ paint his image in us.”

                                               ~St. Columban



For Reflection:

What virtues are the opposites of harsh, irascible, and proud? How can I employ these virtues today so as to be more like God? Come up with a concrete strategy and plan.


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Chapter 1   The Annunciation

The writings of our saints give us a good idea of what happened on that fateful day in the city of Nazareth when the Annunciation took place. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich received a vision of the Annunciation and wrote in detail about what she saw. She said it was just after dinner when Mary went into her bedchamber to pray. Her room was small with a rock floor and walls that were partially covered with wicker screens. The first thing Mary
did was go behind a wicker screen and change into a long white wool prayer robe that had a broad girdle around the waist. Over her head, she placed a pale yellow veil.

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