The Weapon Of The Rosary


“The immense good which this noblerosary16 devotion (the Rosary) has done to the world is well known. How many, by its means, have been delivered from sin! How many led to live a holy life! How many to a good death, and are now saved!”

                         ~St. Alphonsus Liguori



For Reflection:

Do I know anyone who needs to be delivered from serious sin? Who is living a life lacking in holiness? Who is now confronting his or her death? Today, I will use the weapon of the Rosary to fight for them through my prayers.


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Preface by Cardinal O’Connell

…I have never hesitated to recommend it to those in whom the grace of God seemed to be at work, drawing them toward a deeper and more intense spiritual life.  As Rector of the American College in Rome, I proposed and taught it to the seminarians as an excellent means of acquiring the holiness of their priestly ideal.

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