Teen Allegedly Possessed After Using Ouija Phone App

ouija boardDoctors in Peru are trying to determine the cause of a young teen’s violent seizures and screams of “666” and “let me go” after she began playing with a Ouija board on a mobile phone app.

The Daily Mail is reporting on the case of Patricia Quispe of Chosica, which is in the Lima province of Peru, who friends say began acting strangely after they began playing with a Ouija board cell phone app for a “bit of fun” and to communicate with the spirit of the world.

Quispe returned home later and her parents noticed that she seemed unwell. When she began convulsing and foaming at the mouth, they called an ambulance, thinking she may have eaten something or taken a drug that caused an allergic reaction. When they called her friends, they told the Quispes about the phone app.

By the time Quispe arrived at the hospital, she was thrashing and screaming for her mother and yelling at the devil to “let me go”. A video taken at the hospital shows staff trying to restrain her while she convulses violently and shouts “666”. She also shouts at her mother, “Please give me my phone” and “Mum, these doctors don’t know what they’re doing, take me home.”

Medics confirmed that she had extraordinary strength and spoke in a different voice while they struggled to restrain her.

Witness told local news outlets that they had no doubt she was possessed by “satanic spirits” while playing with the Ouija board app.

Doctors have admitted her to the psychiatric ward while they try to determine what exactly is causing her strange behavior.

The Ouija board is considered one of the most dangerous occult “toys” by exorcists who say some of the most difficult cases of possession start with this “game”.


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