The Power Of Obedience!


“The power of obedience! The lake ofobedience3 Gennesareth had denied its fishes to Peter’s nets. A whole night in vain. Then, obedient, he lowered his net again to the water and they caught “a huge number of fish.’ Believe me: the miracle is repeated each day.
                         -St Josemaria Escriva
For Reflection:
How full am I willing to have “my nets” be?
Dear Lord, help me resolve to be obedient to you in all things. Let me respond spontaneously and with love to all that You ask of me–the easy things and the most difficult. Help me to remember that Your obedience brought redemptive grace into the world. May my obedience be united to Yours so that a “big catch” may be obtained for the Kingdom of God. Mother Mary, intercede for me. Amen.


B1663 (I & II)

Mystical Evolution in the Development and Vitality of the Church
2 Volume Set  Imprimatur. 876 pages
John G. Arintero, OP
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Introduction  page 4-5

Undoubtedly one of the most weighty reasons is that today few persons feel keenly and understand deeply and attempt to make known in a fitting manner the great mysteries of the kingdom of God in souls and the marvels which the vivifying Spirit works in them.  Studies of the Christian life are looked upon with disdain.  Few speak to the people in language that is frank and simple, vital and not artificial, and that comes from an inflamed and illuminated heart.  Seldom do we hear that energetic, animated, and throbbing language which is associated with the apostles and the Fathers.  It is not to be wondered at, then, that many of the faithful, like the disciples at Ephesus, have not even heard, nor do they know, that there is a Holy Ghost who sanctifies souls (Acts 19:2).

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